Gutter Materials

Gutter Materials

Services in Orland, Carmel, Bangor & Penobscot County, ME

As with all home improvement projects, any job worth doing is worth doing right. That’s why we develop a customized plan for your home or business to ensure your rain water (and snow & ice melt-off) is channeled where you want it, “Downstream!” The plan is reviewed with you, the home or business owner (or your builder), to ensure you have an opportunity to understand, modify or improve our design based on your future plans for areas beneath your rooflines. Once agreed, installation of your gutter system is scheduled and performed with the due care you expect from professional installers.

Complete attention . . . start to finish.

We use Hidden Hangers for a clean and professional look.

Gutter Product and Installation Features

  • Seamless Gutter Runs aesthetically pleasing & no leaking joints on runs.
  • Heavy Gauge .032 Aluminum Gutter durable when loaded & attractive “crown” molding shape.
  • Custom Colors Available 15 trim matching colors.
  • Hidden Hangers every 24” for strength & better alternative to “band” type hangers.
  • Custom Installation measured, designed and fitted to your home & innovative solutions for drainage issues.
  • Local, Responsive Installation & Service year-round installations & flexible and reliable scheduling.
  • Riveted Construction clean, flush fasteners.
  • Leak Protection trim coil installed behind drip edge to prevent water from running behind your gutters.
  • Mounting Hardware specially chosen to promote drying of wooden surfaces.
  • Proper Pitching & Drainage industry standards employed to achieve effective water run-off channeling.